2023 Visit Days DAIS Area Session Information

The Data and Information Systems Laboratory (DAIS) conducts fundamental and applied cutting-edge research in many areas related to building intelligent data and information systems, especially Databases, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Web Information Systems.

The rapid growth of big data creates unprecedented demand and opportunities for developing powerful intelligent information systems that help people manage and extract knowledge from data. Our faculty work on a wide range of research problems, tackling the many challenges associated with developing such intelligent systems and their applications. Research includes helping people search and find relevant data and information; mining massive amounts of heterogeneous data sets to discover actionable knowledge; optimizing the entire workflow of data access, analytics, and exploration; and analyzing large social networks, and to optimize human-computer collaboration centered on data.

Our faculty work closely with industry, and many of our algorithms are used in a wide range of information systems applications, especially in database and data analytics systems, data mining systems, search engines, and web information service systems.

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