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The research paper “Mining Quality Phrases from Massive Text Corpora” by Jialu Liu, Jingbo Shang, Chi Wang, Xiang Ren, and Jiawei Han has won the Grand Prize in Yelp Dataset Challenge.



  • Feb. 12. 2014: Congrats to Chi for his SIGMOD’14 tutorial acceptance!
  • Feb. 12. 2014: Congrats to Fangbo, heng, George, Chi, Ahmed, Jialu, Xiang and Yizhou for their SIGMOD demo acceptance!
  • Jan. 1. 2014: Congrats to Rui Li and Chi Wang for their WWW’14 papers acceptance!



  • Dec. 28. 2013: Congrats to Marina, Chi, Manish, and Xiang for the SDM’14 papers acceptance!
  • Dec. 28. 2013: Congrats to Jingjing for her research paper accepted by WWW’14!
  • Nov. 25. 2013: Congrats to Xiao, Xiang, Quanquan for their papers accepted by WSDM’14!
  • Oct. 15. 2013: Congrats to Manish and Jing for their paper accepted by ICDE 2014!
  • Sep. 17. 2013: Congrats to Chi, Hyungsul, Marina, Xiang, Jialu, Yizhou and Nihit for their ICDM 2013 accepted papers!
  • Aug. 9. 2013: Congrats to Rui Li for paper “Towards Social Data Platform …” accepted to VLDB!
  • Jan. 25, 2013: Congrats to Xin, Jing, Yizhou for papers accepted at TKDE and TKDD!
  • Jan. 16, 2013: Congrats to Ming for her smooth passing of Ph.D. prelim exam!




Yahoo!-DAIS Research Excellence Award, Spring 2011 Winners:

  • Gold Award: Gu, Quanquan
  • Silver Award: Lv, Yuanhua
  • Bronze Award: Wang, Hongning
  • Honorable Mentioning: Termehchy, Arash


X. Lin Receives Scholarship (2/16/09)
Congratulations to Cindy Xide Lin, who has received a Microsoft Research Graduate Scholarship.

PhD Fellowship Opportunities in UIUC-Singapore Program (2/16/09)
For the next several years, the Singapore-UIUC ADSC program is offering 4-year PhD fellowships to students from any country who will commit to living in Singapore.

DAIS Postdoc Opportunities in UIUC-Singapore Program (2/16/09)
Apply by March 1 to work with DAIS faculty as a postdoc in the Singapore-UIUC ADSC program.

DAIS to Participate in UIUC-Singapore Program (2/16/09)
DAIS faculty will participate in the new Advanced Digital Systems Center in Singapore, which includes travel grants, PhD fellowships, and postdoc fellowships.  http://www.adsc.illinois.edu/”>more info


Midwest DB Research Symposium Oct 4 @ UIC (8/13/08)
This year’s MWDBRS will be held in UI-Chicago’s new conference facilities on Saturday, October 4.

X. Yin Receives SIGKDD Dissertation Award (8/13/08)
Xiaoxin Yin has received the inaugural SIGKDD Dissertation Award for his thesis, Scalable Mining and Link Analysis Across Multiple Database Relations. Xiaoxin worked with Jiawei Han and is now at Microsoft Research.

D. Cai Receives Gear Award (8/13/08)
Congratulations to Deng Cai, who has received the 2008 C. W. Gear Outstanding Student Award for his research.

H. Gonzalez Receives Outstanding TA Award (8/13/08)
Hector Gonzalez has received an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the UIUC CS Department.

H. D. Kim Wins at Computing Habitat Programming Competition (8/13/08)
Hyun Duk Kim and his teammates have won the Best Use of Data Analytics and Best Web Application and tied for the Most Useful prize in the 2008 Computing Habitat Programming Competition. Their application helped create teams for course projects, and was built as part of the coursework for CS411 (Database Systems).

Kevin Chang’s Startup Releases First Product (8/13/08)
In May, Prof. Chang’s Cazoodle startup released its http://apartments.cazoodle.com/. Cazoodle showcases data integration research from Chang’s group.

“Best of SDM07” Award (2/21/08)
ROAM: Rule- and motif-based anomaly detection in massive moving object data sets, by X. Li, J. Han, S. Kim, and H. Gonzalez, was one of four “Best of” papers at the 2007 SIAM Conference on Data Mining.

Cheng Zhai Receives Sloan Fellowship (2/19/08)
Congratulations to Cheng Zhai for his selection as a Sloan Fellow for 2008!

Xuanhui Wang Receives Yahoo! Fellowship (2/19/08)
Xuanhui Wang is one of four US winners of a 2008-09 Yahoo! PhD Student Fellowship. Xuanhui works with Cheng Zhai on exploratory web search and web search log mining. Xuanhui joins last year’s recipient Qiaozhu Mei.


Cheng Zhai Receives Gear Award (5/24/07)
Cheng Zhai will receive the Gear Award, which is given annually by the UIUC Department of Computer Science to recognize an outstanding assistant professor.

PAKDD07 Best Student Paper Award (5/24/07)
Congratulations to Feida Zhu, Xifeng Yan, Jiawei Han, and Philip Yu, who have received the Best Student Paper Award at PAKDD 2007 for their paper entitled gPrune: A Constraint Pushing Framework for Graph Pattern Mining.

X. Yan Receives SIGMOD Dissertation Award Honorable Mention (4/21/07)
Congratulations to Xifeng Yan, who has received an honorable mention in the SIGMOD Distinguished Dissertation Award contest for his thesis entitled Mining, Indexing and Similarity Search in Large Graph Data Sets.

H. Chen Receives IBM Fellowship (4/10/07)
Congratulations to Hong Chen, who joins Soumyadeb Mitra as a recipient of an IBM Fellowship for 2007-8.

Q. Mei Wins Yahoo! PhD Fellowship (4/10/07)
Congratulations to Qiaozhu Mei, who has received a 2-year PhD fellowship from Yahoo!. http://us.careers.yahoo.com/fellowship/index.html

T. Cheng Receives Yahoo! Scholarship (4/10/07)
Tao Cheng has received a Key Technical Challenges scholarship from Yahoo!. Congratulations!

ICDE07 Award to DAIS Members (3/28/07)
ICDE07 has chosen a paper by F. Zhu, X. Yan, J. Han, P. S. Yu, and H. Cheng as the recipient of its Best Student Paper Award. Congratulations!

S. Mitra Receives IBM Fellowship (2/15/07)
Congratulations to Soumyadeb Mitra, who will be an IBM Fellow in 2007-8.


DAIS Group to Graduate 9 PhD Students This Year (12/6/06)
We are pleased to announce the upcoming graduation of 9 PhD students from the DAIS group (profiled to the right of this column). Please contact us if you are looking for an excellent new hire for your department!

Zhai at National Academy of Engineering (12/6/06)
Cheng Zhai was invited to participate in the National Academy of Engineering’s 2006 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. http://www.engr.uiuc.edu/news/archive/index.php?xId=068908640756

DAIS in National Academy of Sciences Proceedings (12/6/06)
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published Genome scan for cis-regulatory DNA motifs associated with social behavior in honey bees, by S. Sinha, X. Ling, C. Witfield, C. Zhai, and G. Robinson. http://news.illinois.edu/news/06/1023honeybees.html

KDD06 Award to DAIS Members (12/6/06)
KDD06 has chosen a paper by Q. Mei, D. Xin, H. Cheng, J. Han, and C. Zhai, titled http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=1150402.1150441 Generating Semantic Annotations for Frequent Patterns with Context Analysis, as the runner-up for Best Student Paper.

SDM06 Honors DAIS Members (12/6/06)
Congratulations to H. Liu, J. Han, D. Xin, and Z. Shao, whose paper Mining Interesting Patterns from Very High Dimensional Data: A Top-Down Row Enumeration Approach was chosen as one of the four best at the 2006 SIAM Int. Conf. on Data Mining.

Winslett Becomes ACM Fellow (12/6/06)
Marianne Winslett has been selected as an ACM Fellow for 2007.

DAIS Graduates Join Industry, Academia (12/6/06)
Congratulations to our DAIS 2006 PhD graduates, who have moved on to their new positions: Bin He, Zhenmin Li, and Pin Zhou (IBM Almaden), Feng Qin (Ohio State), and Xifeng Yan (IBM TJ Watson).

DAIS Members Receive SSS06 Best Paper Award (10/20/06)
Congratulations to Soumyadeb Mitra and Marianne Winslett, whose paper Secure Deletion from Inverted Indexes on Compliance Storage has won the best paper award at the 2006 Storage Security and Survivability Workshop.

Y. Y. Zhou Now Associate Professor (8/20/06)
Congratulations to YuanYuan Zhou for her promotion to associate professor this semester!

DAIS Members Win VLDB06 Best Paper Award (8/20/06)
Congratulations to Soumyadeb Mitra, Marianne Winslett, and Windsor Hsu of IBM, whose paper Trustworthy Keyword Search for Regulatory-Compliant Record Retention has won the best paper award at VLDB 2006.

R. Sinha Receives CSE Fellowship (5/12/06)
Rishi Sinha will receive a Computational Science and Engineering Fellowship for 2006-7, for his work on managing scientific data.

Doan at Wisconsin Next Year (5/10/06)
AnHai Doan has taken a leave of absence to be at the University of Wisconsin next year. Good luck, AnHai!

Midwest Database Research Symposium to Be Held at UIUC on April 15 (4/6/06)
Please join us at the Siebel Center for this year’s http://dais.cs.illinois.edu/mwdbrs/2006.html Midwest Database Research Symposium. Send email to the organizers if you need overnight accommodations.

DAIS Students Win ICDE06 Paper Award (4/6/06)
Congratulations to Hector Gonzalez, Jiawei Han, Xiaolei Li, and Diego Klabjan, whose paper entitled http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/~hanj/pdf/icde06_whrfid.pdf Warehousing and analysis for massive RFID data sets</a> has won the best student paper award at ICDE06.

X. Ma Receives NSF CAREER Award (1/24/06)
Recent DAIS graduate Xiaosong Ma, now a professor at North Carolina State University, has received a 2006 NSF CAREER Award. Congratulations, Xiaosong!


KDD05 Award for DAIS Students (11/21/05)

The paper Summarizing itemset patterns: A profile-based approach, by DAIS group members X. Yan, H. Cheng, J. Han, and D. Xin, received the Best Student Paper Runner-Up award at the 2005 KDD conference.

DAIS Group to Graduate 5 PhD Students This Year (11/20/2005)
We are pleased to announce the upcoming graduation of 5 PhD students from the DAIS group (profiled to the right of this column). Please contact us if you are looking for an excellent new hire for your department!

Zhou and Students Receive SOSP 2005 Best Paper Award (11/7/2005)
DAIS professor YuanYuan Zhou and her students have won the best paper award at SOSP 2005 for their paper entitled “Rx: Treating Bugs as Allergies, a Safe Method for Surviving Software Failures.” Rx offers a way to partially roll back buggy programs and rerun them in an environment that has been altered to remove the “allergen” that triggered the bug.

YuanYuan Zhou Wins DoE Early Career Award (9/19/2005)
DAIS professor YuanYuan Zhou is a new recipient of the Department of Energy’s Early Career Award. The award will fund her work on storage.

Kevin Chang Receives IBM Faculty Award (9/19/2005)
DAIS professor Kevin Chang has been selected to receive the highly competitive 2005 IBM Faculty Award.

X. Ma Wins DoE Early Career Award (8/29/2005)
Recent DAIS graduate Xiaosong Ma has received the Department of Energy’s Early Career Award. Xiaosong is currently a professor at North Carolina State University with a joint appointment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, working on management of scientific data.

Han Wins IEEE Award (7/8/2005)
Jiawei Han is the 2004 recipient of the IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Achievement Award for “outstanding and innovative contributions to the fields of computer and information science and engineering or computer technology.”

Zhai Wins 2005 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (6/15/2005)
ChengXiang Zhai is one of 58 recipients of the US Government’s highest honor for scientists and engineers at the beginning of their independent research careers. http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=104239&org=NSF&from=news

Zhou Wins 2005 Anita Borg Early Career Award (5/15/2005)
YuanYuan Zhou has won the Anita Borg Early Career Award from the Computing Research Association in recognition of her research contributions and her contributions to the profession. http://www.cra.org/Activities/craw/borg/index.php

Zhou Papers Among IEEE Micro’s Top Picks for 2004 (1/15/2005)
Two papers by YuanYuan Zhou and her students are among the 14 papers selected by IEEE Micro for their Top Picks from Computer Architecture for the past year.


SIGIR 2004 Best Paper Award (8/6/2004)
Hui Fang, Tao Tao, and ChengXiang Zhai received the SIGIR 2004 Best Paper Award for their paper “A Formal Study of Information Retrieval Heuristics.” http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1008992.1009004&coll=portal&dl=ACM&type=series&idx=1008992%26%238706%3B=Proceedings&WantType=Proceedings&title=Annual%20ACM%20Conference%20on%20Research%20and%20Development%20in%20Information%20Retrieval&CFID=25708198&CFTOKEN

Ouri Wolfson to be new Affiliate Prof. (8/3/2004)
Ouri Wolfson of the University of Illinois at Chicago has been appointed to position as Affiliate Professor in the CS department at UIUC, effective August 16. http://www.cs.uic.edu/~wolfson/

Doan named Alumnus of the Year (7/29/2004)
AnHai Doan was name 2004’s Alumnus of the Year by the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Prof. Doan received his Master’s degree from UWM in 1996.

Jiawei Han wins 2004 SIGKDD Innovations Award (7/27/2004)
This is the most prestigious technical award in data mining. For more information, read KDnuggets’ article about the award and Prof. Han’s career achievements. http://www.kdnuggets.com/news/2004/n14/1i.html

Chang, Han, and Zhou win IBM Faculty Awards (7/27/2004)
Three DAISers were selected to receive the highly competitive 2004 IBM Faculty Development Awards.

Ting Yu wins Outstanding Thesis Award (7/23/2004)
Ting Yu won the CS dept.’s 2004 David J. Kuck Outstanding Thesis Award for his PhD thesis entitled “Automated Trust Establishment In Open Systems.” Ting, one of Marianne Winslett’s former students, is now an assistant professor at North Carolina State University.

Three NSF Career Awardees (6/22/2004)
Junior faculty AnHai Doan, Chengxiang Zhai, and Yuanyuan Zhou have just received NSF Career Awards. Congratulations!

NCSA Faculty Fellowship (6/22/2004)
Professor Marianne Winslett has been named a participant in the NCSA Faculty Fellowship Program next year. The award will support grad. student Adam Lee’s research on the use of trust negotiation on computational grids.

First Midwest DB Research Symposium (3/29/2004)
The First Midwest Database Research Symposium took place on April 10 at UI-Chicago. Over 100 graduate students and faculty from 8 nearby universities attended.

Spring 2004 Qual Format Change (1/7/2004)
Spring ’04 is the first time that DAIS will offer its own separate qualifying exam.


ACM Dissertation Award Winner (12/19/2003)
DAIS faculty member AnHai Doan has won the 2003 ACM Dissertation Award, marking the first time the award has gone to a database researcher.

Doan Wins U of Wash. Dissertation Award (1/13/2004)
AnHai Doan was recently named an Edward Chan Memorial Dissertation Award 2003 winner by the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering at the Univ. of Washington. The award is given to the writers of the best two dissertations each year.

Announcing New ACM Fellow (12/19/2003)
Professor Jiawei Han has recently been elected an ACM Fellow.

UIUC Web Integration Repository (11/8/2003)
Kevin Chang and his students, Bin He, Chengkai Li, and Zhen Zhang, have created the UIUC Web Integration Repository, which maintains datasets and tasks for hundreds of Web databases, to facilitate research on large-scale information integration over the deep Web. http://metaquerier.cs.uiuc.edu/repository/

New ITR Grants (10/3/2003)
The competition was intense for NSF’s ITR grants this year, with thousands of proposals received in the small, medium, and large ITR categories. When the dust settled, DAIS faculty had garnered four ITR grants, including one in the “large” category, two in the “medium” category, and one in the “small” category.

Graduating Students
Jonghyun Lee, Xiaosong Ma, and Ting Yu will all receive their doctoral degrees this year. Xiaosong and Ting have already joined the faculty at North Carolina State University. Jonghyun is staying on as a post-doctoral researcher this year.

New DAIS Qual
Starting in the Fall 2003 semester, graduate students working in the database and information systems area will take a new DAIS-specific.

New Courses
Three new courses have added to the curriculum: Intro to Text Information Systems, Intro to Data Warehousing and Data Mining, and Data Mining Principles and Algorithms. The courses are currently being taught as CS 397 and CS 497 courses until the new course numbers, CS 310, CS 312, and CS 412 (respectively), are approved.